A David Sanguesa Project is a Project Done Right

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My name is David Sanguesa and I complete construction projects in Miami and Texas and I am very proud of my work. I complete projects big and small…

…From Residential Work…

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I am a home builder by trade and I have built hundreds of homes across the United States including the fine states of Florida and Texas. While I have worked on plenty of smaller homes, I get a lot of my work creating homes for wealthier clients because my name has become synonymous with good work.

My homes are very customizable and I am open to just about any blueprint that I am presented with. If you want a patio, I can do that. Want a dual staircase? I can do that too!

I love what I do because there is nothing like seeing the smiling faces of a family about to get their own home and one that is built perfectly for them. It is a wonderful feeling.

…To Large Commercial Endeavors

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If you live in South Miami or Houston and you have seen a building that made your head turn, then the chances are that I had something to do with the construction of that structure.

Some of my most notable work includes construction of banks, museums, office spaces and constructed the famous Granada Estates and the Houston Aquatic Center. Most importantly, I constructed former President George Bush’s home, something I consider to be my greatest accomplishment.

There is no limit to what I can help to create and with my team of dependable workers, you can count on that job to be done right. I am also proud to say that I have never had a job that was not done under budget and within deadlines.

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Contact me to learn more. David Sanguesa construction is open and available to handle any project and it would be our pleasure.